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Soap Shavings for Handwash Laundry

Soap Shavings for Handwash Laundry

Forget high street greenwash products!  This is the way that people did their laundry for years without polluting rivers etc.  This is a fabulous way to do your handwashing/or household cleaning with a combination of our soaps made into convenient granules. Comes with a scoop and plastic free inner bag and outer unbleached cotton bag.

  • Instructions for use

    For around one half of a washing up bowl - add 3 scoops of boiling water to disintegrate. Top with hot water for household cleaning (surfaces, floors etc) or top with cold water for laundry.


    We cannot recommend that you use this product in washing machines as this had not been widely tested by us.  We do disintegrate this in small batches (about 5 scoops to 500 litres), cool and then add to our washing machine drawer in a 40 degree cycle and find it works well.  We add a little white vinegar to the fabric conditioner drawer section to help soften clothes and neutralise the soap.

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