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Household Soap

Household Soap

The most eco friendly mulitpurpose item for your home.  This is a castile (just olive oil) based bar with embeds from recycling our other soaps.  It has a fantastic scent from pure Pine oil. Use direct on soft furnishings and clothes as a stain remover, grate the old fashioned way into a bowl of hot water (you can then top it up with cold if you wish) to handwash clothes or surfaces.  Because it is only soap you can also use it to do you dishes. Just rub a cloth or brush over the soap and apply.  Rinsing may be necessary.  


  • Ingredients & Info

    For household cleaning only.  We recommend that you use gloves when using to prevent dry hands.


    I am 100% natural—made with olive oil and embeds from other soaps and Pine Essential Oil


    80-105g approx


    Store in cool dry conditions before use and keep me dry between washes  to help me last longer.


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